Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome to Alex's First Blog

Welcome to Alex's first blog! True, she's still in utero, but her mother would like to set up the blog before Alex comes out into this world. Here, visitors can learn about the latest news regarding Alex's development & her mommy's health. After all, she's due in just a few short weeks...

You will also learn about Alex's mommy's important birthing plans & labor support, which are still in formation.

Here are some significant facts:

(1) Alex's baby shower is this Saturday @ 1 pm, at Rabih's & Barry's house. Alex's wonderful aunt, Kirsten, has been planning this event for weeks!

(2) Rabih & Kirsten form Catherine's (Alex's mommy) labor support group. (More on this later.)

(3) One of the guests will not be able to make it to the shower because she had her beautiful baby girl this Monday! Heidi had Chloe Sabine on Monday. Chloe weighed 6 lbs & 7 ozs at birth. Congratulations Heidi & Kevin!! Alex can't wait to meet Chloe!

(4) A few weeks ago, Alex measured at approximately 4.5 pounds at her ultrasound, which is at the 54 precentile for all babies at their 33rd week.

(5) Catherine had a great OB/GYN appointment this past Tuesday: Her tummy has grown 2 cms since the last visit (2 wks ago). & Alex's heartbeat was 148/min (healthy).

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