Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Week with the bebe

This is another guest post from the daddy!

This week I'm taking the entire week off from work to spend time with the little darling! A few days ago, we took her to the lactation specialist, who told us that Alex is now just over 12 pounds! Woh, that means she's grown nearly five pounds since being born.

Alex is starting to become more responsive, and she seems especially happy in the morning after a nice night of sleeping (well, most nights, anyway!). She not only smiles a lot, she also likes to engage in a little baby talk banter with mommy and me. If you imitate what she says, she seems to get a real kick out of it. She also, I swear, seems to be able to say a few words. I know it seems like it's way too early, but honestly, it does sound like she can say 'hi' and 'love'. She hasn't said 'daddy' yet, though... I'm working on it!

We are going to be soon having a baby sign language class, which we will be hosting in our house! It's pretty amazing that babies can learn how to tell you things using their hands months before they can speak those thoughts. Supposely, if they can tell you what's wrong, you can help prevent them from getting too fussy. Here's hoping!

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