Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dreamy Days in Early April

In the last couple of weeks, Alex has shown a clear interest in "talking" to us. She says, "Ah boo ah boo waa boo" quite a bit. I just wish what it meant! Thankfully, we're starting our signing classes next Thursday evening, and will hopefully start to communicate with her better in that manner.

Alex is also starting to gain upper body strength, enough to sit up for a few seconds without assistance. However, she ends up bending too much forward or sliding to one side. No doubt, she will be sitting like an old pro in no time.

Her facial expressions are more animated than ever, and she is loving her hands so much. Often, she'll hold them in front of each other & gaze at them with delight. Alex also loves to put them in her mouth or hold them close to her face, to make sure that they're easily accessible (I suppose).
When it comes to sleeping, she does great (most of the time) at night, sleeping usually about 10 - 11 hours in a row. Her 2.5 hr naps during the day, however, are less predictable. Perhaps she has spring fever?

She did catch her first cold last week, but is now over it for the most part. Yay! Happy and healthy is the way we want Alex.

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Sarah said...

She looks beautiful! Hope to see you guys in a few weeks.