Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Alexs Walks in a Winter Wonderland!

The exciting news is that Alex has been taking her first steps these past few weeks. She's especially cute when she walks, as she beams with pride in her new mobility. Now, her mommy & daddy need to worry about what other mischief she can get herself into...

I have to admit, this year has flown by with such velocity. It's all a wonderful blur. This is why I'm grateful to Alex's dad for blogging here as regularly as he has, to record some milestones.

These days, I just marvel at how much of her own person Alex is. Sometimes, she has such a reserved personality. Like here, where she's in her car seat, just looking at me with such a serious expression.

Other times, she's just plain goofy. If she likes a tune, she'll most likely dance to it. She loves her music class, which meets weekly and involves lots of singing, playing instruments, and (guess what) dancing!

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