Monday, February 16, 2009

The 100 Day Birthday

On February 12th we celebrated Alex's 100th day birthday. In Korean culture, this is considered to be an important milestone. In the old days, babies frequently died of illness or other health issues before reaching that age; so when they did reach the age of 100 (days), it was considered pretty special.

For Alex's celebration, we broke it up into several parts. On Monday, Catherine's Korean American friends Monica and Grace came over; we had a little cake to celebrate. Monica had been one of the first people to see Alex after her birth, and had brought with her seaweed soup, which according to Korean culture is a great dish to give a mother right after giving birth.

On Thursday, February 12th, came the big party. Catherine invited several babies and moms from one of her new mommies groups. We put some balloons up and got Alex another cake (lucky girl!).

Alex and the other babies had a great time! I think she really liked the cake, too! I can tell you, we are all looking forward to what the next 100 days will bring...

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