Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nika the Nanny

Alex has been blooming more than ever these days. I think a lot of this is owed to her wonderful nanny, Nika (shown here, holding Alex). They get to spend many hours together, playing different games.

Some of the more notable advances in Alex's development include her grasping at objects (see how she's holding her bug toy in the photo?), holding her head up on her own, and doing tummy time (where she's in a puah-up position with her head up) for several minutes without fussing.

Unfortunately, she is also in a phase where she does not like to be held by anyone besides me or her nanny. Even when her father picks her up lovingly, Alex starts to protest with tears. It's also important for Alex's daddy to start spending regular amounts of time with her, so that she associates him with fun and happy times. Slowly but surely, if this happens, Alex will love hanging out with both of her parents!

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