Monday, August 10, 2009

Alex at 9 months

Time really has been flying by! It's hard to believe that Alex recently passed her 9 month birthday. She has now been outside of the womb longer than she was inside it. Lots of changes to report since my last blog entry.

For one, Alex is busily trying to learn how to crawl. She's getting closer all the time. She rocks back and forth and lunges forward, but hasn't quite figured out what to do from there. As a result, she usually just backs up at that point. She's really good at crawling backwards, so we have to be a bit careful leaving her anywhere where she might get herself into trouble by doing that.

She's also sprouted several more teeth in her mouth in the past couple of months. She loves munching on snacks. Her favorites are any kind of bread or pasta, or veggie sticks, which are a puffy snack food we buy at the local grocery store.

She's usually pretty good when we take her to restaurants; she especially likes sitting outside if it's a nice day. If we give her bread pieces to munch on, she's happy. In the below pics, you can see her eating at an outside table at Atlas, a restaurant in the University Village.

She's also become a big time flirt, and loves to talk to people who are nearby. At restaurants she constantly turns around to talk to or stare at people at the other tables, or the waiters. When we ate at a Thai restaurant the other day, she made friends with everyone on the wait staff by the time the night was through.

Her vocabulary is also improving. She loves to imitate what we say. Among the words we have definitely heard from her are 'whale', 'circle' and 'purple'. She says 'wow' a lot, too. She loves to imitate daddy's facial expressions. The other night we got into a contest where we both took turns sticking our tongues out at each other, over and over. She couldn't stop laughing at this fun game!

She has a zillion toys, but loves daddy's toys the best. Here you can see her mischievously playing with daddy's new laptop.

All in all, she's becoming less a baby and more a little girl every day!

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