Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alex is 11 months old now!!

Yesterday, October 5th, was Alex's 11 month birthday. She keeps getting bigger and feistier all the time!

The last time I blogged, she hadn't even learned to crawl properly. Right around the middle of August she finally figured out how to crawl forwards, and ever since then, she has been a tornado, crawling everywhere, getting into all sorts of mischief! Her favorite trick is to remove the special plastic guards from the DVD player that are supposed to prevent a baby from playing with the buttons. Baby proof indeed! So much for that idea!

In the past week, she has suddenly become obsessed with standing. She crawls over to a table or the couch and hoists herself into a standing position. The second she becomes fully upright a big grin always creeps across her face. She then tries 'cruising' by walking while holding onto whatever she is up against. She still can't stand without holding something or walk without help, but it sure looks like she'll be there soon!

Just one month before she is a year old. Wow, that will be something!!

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