Sunday, August 1, 2010

Smiling Through Summer!

This is Alex's mommy with a quick post. Alex has been enjoying this summer immensely, spending hours at playgrounds & in the outdoors every day.

She's talking more articulately each day, although she prefers affectionate nicknames: Instead of "cupcakes," she prefers to say "ta-tas" (imagine our surprise & confusion, when she first said this & pointed to a picture of a cupcake!)

We should probably see a dentist soon, as Alex has developed quite the sweettooth like her daddy.
Before ending this post, I should include a picture of me & Alex right before I was heading to a 70's costume party. Yes, those are disco ball earrings that I'm wearing. Alex wanted to pull of my giant wig -- probably because she had a hard time recognizing me in my 'fro.

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