Monday, November 8, 2010

Alex's 2nd Birthday!!

It's hard to believe that two years have already gone by since Alex was born! On November 5th and 6th we celebrated Alex's second birthday with a weekend long extravaganza. It seems like just yesterday that we were at the hospital when she came into the world. Time really does fly!

Last year, for Alex's first birthday, we had an enormous party. The tradition in Korean culture is to throw a big shindig when the baby finishes her first year. Dozens and dozens of people came to celebrate with us. This year we had a much quieter party, with just a few people invited to our house for her party. Some of the folks were not able to make it, so we wound up with two couples and two of Alex's young friends. It was a great night!

But before that party, we had a family-only dinner for Alex on her actual birthday, the 5th. We went to Alex's favorite restaurant, Red Robin, where Alex ate fish and chips, her favorite dish there. At that restaurant, the waiters come and sing for people celebrating their birthdays. As it turned out, there were several people around us also there for their birthdays, including a 4 year old girl at the next table. We made sure to tell the waiters about Alex, and they came to serenade her. When Alex heard the clapping that proceeds their arrival, at first she thought it was for another table. When she realized it was for her, her eyes lit up.

They brought a sundae with her, and Alex really enjoyed the dessert after her big meal!

The next day was her party. She scored a lot of presents there as well! She loved them all. Here you can see her play with the magnetic numbers she received as one of her gifts.

Later she also got to eat a chocolate birthday cake. Here mommy brings it in while everyone sings Happy Birthday! They put a few more candles on than necessary, but we think it looked better with more candles.

For the first time, she got a chance to blow out birthday candles. OK, mommy helped her a little, but she still managed to get them to go out!

She had a great time with her friends Chloe and Colin.

She wasn't sure what this present was at first...

... but when she realized it was a little puppet, she loved it!

Sunday gave her a chance to play with her new presents and get used to being two years old! It's pretty amazing how much she has developed in just the past few months. She has gone from speaking a few words here and there to complete sentences. In fact, sometimes you can't get her to stop talking! She can sing several songs from memory as well. Every day she says or does something I didn't suspect she could do. We can't wait to see how the next year will go!

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