Sunday, January 9, 2011

Alex's trip to San Diego

In mid-November, we were getting the itch to go somewhere to a place that might be warmer than Seattle. We considered Los Angeles at first, but decided that Alex might still be a bit too young to enjoy the theme parks there. Then we came up with San Diego. I had only been there once when I was about 12, and it's certainly warm there. So, we booked a room there for five days and away we went!

We stayed up in La Jolla near the University (of California San Diego), and not far from the Scripps Institute, a famous Oceanographic institute. Also close to our hotel was La Costa, a beautiful golf course that has hosted PGA and LPGA events in the past. The whole area was beautiful! And the weather was really pleasant, even though it rained several days while we were there.

Alex particularly liked the Birch Aquarium, which was only a few miles from our hotel. There's an enormous tank of fish with a window looking into it that fills up a two story wall. Alex loved watching all the weird fish swim in there. Her favorites were the eels who hid in the rocks. The aquarium is perched on a hill with a fabulous view of the ocean. We were there near sunset, as you can see.

La Jolla itself is an upscale community right on the ocean. Right in town is a beach called Children's Pool, because it's a little secluded cove where it would be easier for kids to swim than in the regular ocean. But it's not really a swimming hole for kids anymore; instead, it's a place where sea lions live. These photos were taken overlooking the Children's Pool.

Of course, you can't go to San Diego and not go to the San Diego Zoo. The most famous residents of the zoo are the pandas. There is a mother, daddy and baby panda, but apparently the mom and dad don't get along, so when we were there only the mom and baby were visible.

Alex was a little unsure of the tram that went from one end of the zoo to the other. She looks happy here, but she was pretty scared, as it was very high in the air.

Later we also went to Sea World with Catherine's cousin Carol. Alex loved 'Shampoo' the Killer Whale, the dolphins and the otters.

I hope we can go back again, and maybe next time hit the beach!

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