Monday, April 1, 2013

Back after a long hiatus

For some time, Eric & I wanted to stop updating this blog for privacy reasons. However, I have different reasons for getting back into the saddle with this blog. One reason is that I now realize that this blog will serve as a valuable record of these amazing years with Alex. (Hard copy journals are too easy to misplace or tatter. And I'm not going to lose sleep over any strangers reading about Alex/my family)

Another reason is that I am finding a greater need to voice questions/issues about balancing my life between Alex and work. What better place than a blog about Alex?

Enjoying Easter Day at Seattle Center
So, Alex is now 4.5 years old (turns 5 in November). We have been looking at various options for school. We'll do the best we can to get into the school of our choice. But, if we don't, then there's a great public school about 3 blocks away from our house.

Lately, I have had a nagging concern that I'm not pushing myself in my career enough. The big question is what is "enough?" I have enjoyed lots of flexibility in my current arrangement, which is at a respected litigation firm in Seattle. At that firm, I get experience as an attorney alongside some of the best in the field; and they have also entrusted me to lead the charge with all of their marketing/advertising efforts. So, rather than stay at home everyday, I savor a few mornings and a few afternoons with Alex. We get to enjoy the playground on sunnier days, her music classes, or playdates.

This past weekend was blissful as Alex enjoyed several egg hunts. One went waaaay too fast, and disappointed Alex. It was the one at the Magnolia Community Center, where there were about 50 kids in her age group and about 150 eggs. The whole hunt was over within 5 minutes with many kids crying because they didn't get any eggs. Alex got 4. She was pouting for a good 10 minutes, as I explained to her that there were only so many eggs and too many kids.

She shrugged it off and played with a friend as we had brunch. Yesterday, we enjoyed the sunshine and went to Seattle Center in the evening. Here are a few shots of her sitting in what she called the "sticky donut" (the Armory sign).

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