Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Getting crafty!

Well, Alex is loving kindergarten! From the first day, she has enjoyed developing new friendships and learning about her wonderful teacher (Ms. Lily is the bomb!).

Over the past few weeks, she has gotten into writing in her journal. She loves to take it to restaurants and write about past events, while waiting for her food to arrive. Journaling is also a way for her to address some of her biggest frustrations. For example, there is a classmate with whom she's had difficulty communicating. Alex writes repeatedly,
So-and-so (name withheld) keeps misunderstanding me.... Whenever I try to help her, she thinks that I'm doing something to make her feel sad. That is wrong!
When Alex showed me her journal (because she was proud of the dozens of pages of journal entries and also because she was unsure of how she spelled a lot of the longer words), I realized how wonderful this new habit was.  Plus, I was learning about what issues she wanted to resolve and what she found most fun about her days.

To encourage her to keep up with her journaling and to feed her voracious craft-loving side, we have added rhinestones to the front cover. I also bought some Mod Podge, which we can't wait to use to create a cool coolage on back and front covers.

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